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How often do you really wash your vehicle or take her for a good auto detailing Redding CA? It is recommended that you wash the exterior of your vehicle at least once every 2 weeks. Additionally, it is also recommended that if you have debris such as bug guts, road salt, and dirt on your vehicle you take immediate attention to remove that debris. Not only is a clean vehicle good food for the mind, but it is also environmentally beneficial. Yes, you having a clean vehicle can actually help improve the environment. How is this you ask? 

The process is not entirely all that simple. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to the formation of acid rain. Mother Nature drops her evil forces onto your vehicle. These forces, such as rain, dirt, pollutants from the air, uric acid from the bugs, and even everyday normal wear and tear, cause damages to your vehicle. The debris from things like road salt and dirt will corrode and deteriorate your vehicle. This can begin on the exterior painted portion of your vehicle, however, not all surfaces have a protective coating to prevent rust and additional damages from environmental forces.

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Now, that doesn’t sound so bad, right? Not yet anyway. Once rust starts, it spreads. If the rust spreads to parts like your muffler system, a leak can develop. Obviously, you will hear your vehicle getting louder every day. What you won’t hear or even see is the amount of pollutants that your vehicle is throwing into the atmosphere. Exhaust contains nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. If you have an exhaust leak somewhere within your exhaust system, these pollutants that are not filtered by the catalytic converter or air filter are then leaked into the air. The winds can carry these pollutants for miles. These pollutants then mix with water molecules higher in the atmosphere. Once bonded, acid rain forms. While, typically, precipitation will react with alkaline chemicals already in the air or non-acidic materials such as calcium and magnesium, and these non-acidic materials generally neutralize the acids, this is not always possible. When this part of the process fails, acid rain is then released onto every outdoor surface. Not only can this cause paint corrosion and make your vehicle look dirty, but acid rain can also deteriorate the exterior of your vehicle faster than normal environmental issues. Stop letting environmental intimidations ruin your vehicle. Bring her in to see us for a high-quality car detailing Redding CA, and let our team of expert detailers give her the care she deserves.


Our Premium Full Detail is a combination of the best aspects of our other packages, rolled up into one all-inclusive specialty package. From a full exterior wash and hand dry to a full vacuuming and shampooing of your interior, our team will tackle all kinds of messes and leave your car looking brand-new again. Our Premium Full Detail also includes a high-quality paint sealant for your vehicle’s exterior, designed to help keep her protected against scratches and color fading. When you’re looking for the best detail shops Redding CA has to offer you and your automobile, look no further than us! We offer the highest-quality details around and the best customer service you can find.

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