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Valet Wash Package


If you are someone who is frequently in their vehicle driving to and from work or other daily locations, you have more than likely tried every detailing service and automatic car wash you could find. Automatic car washes have missed spots, like they always do, and have never delivered the level of clean you desired. When you’ve had bad luck with other detailers and the car wash on the corner continuously misses spots, stop settling for second best. Give us a call instead. We provide all your auto detailing services, at an affordable rate, with the luxurious quality you expect, complete with that new car smell. Call us today for a high-quality detail car wash Redding California! We have the special touch that is gentle enough for fragile areas but still tough enough to erase seasons of damages at the unforgiving hands of Mother Nature. Our detailing experts are here for you and your vehicle. No job is too big and no job is too small. We have seen it all and we have the tools to handle it all!

Valet Wash starting at $79.99

Our Valet Hand Wash is a special service package designed with the busy customer in mind. Since it is typically completed in less than 45 minutes, it is a perfect option for people with a lot on their plate who still want to give their vehicle some special treatment and some tender loving care. The Valet Wash includes a full exterior clean and dry and a thorough cleaning of your vehicle’s windows to get them to that coveted streak-free shine. Your tires and wheel wells will also be thoroughly cleaned. As for your interior, the carpets, seats, and other upholstery will be fully vacuumed to rid them of pesky dust bunnies and other dirt buildup. All other interior surfaces will be fully wiped down, from your dashboard to your center console. 

Our thoroughly trained detailing specialists strive to have every customer’s vehicle completed in less than an hour. So this service is great for customers who need to get in and out and back to their crazy schedule. If you are in the area and you’re looking for a Redding car wash to give your car some TLC, call us for our incredible Valet Hand Wash service and leave your car looking the absolute best. We strive to give your mobile machine on wheels the best possible care every single time, without you ever having to leave home. We come to you wherever you are. At an affordable rate, this service option truly is a great deal. If you’re ready to give your car the time of its life with unlimited TLC, give us a call for the highest quality detailing and car wash Redding CA has to offer. 

If for some reason you cannot call right now, fill out one of our forms below and one of our valued team members will give you a call back as soon as possible. If you have any questions about our Valet Hand Wash, or our other mobile car detailing service packages, include them in the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can with the answers. 

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